R&D Team
  R&D Team
LUTOTECH has a young and experienced R&D team, with total 12 college level scientific and technician, the average age is less than 35 years old.

The scientific and technician account for 45% of the total people in company. They are the industry’s elite and the pioneer, the R&D department is responsible for new technology, new product research and development and industrial production follow-up.
They draw the advanced technology from the market, and create even more updated scientific and technological achievements.

The Engineering Team is composed of 6 people, including four core members, is responsible for the production of new product samples, technology improvements and mold making. Structures Division has full-time structural engineer, responsible for structural design and process optimization. Division of labor and collaboration, form an organic whole R&D team.

We are aiming to provide safe and stable products. The company also has a personalized service team, advisory team of sales engineers, and professional lighting design team from Japan, Sweden and Holland.